Sunday, 27 February 2011

Freddy the Fish meets Hugo the Dragon

I love writing Freddy the fish stories. There's just so much potential for them. This is particularly good one! It has a blimp in it! Enjoy :)

Once upon a time in a small stream running through a field there was a tiny little fish named Freddy. He had lived in the stream all of his life and because he was so tiny he had to constanly keep swimming against the current. It was pretty tiring, but it was either that or death.

One day a fisherman came along. He was looking for a small fish to use for his small sandwiches. He was a bit of a cheap fisherman actually. One loaf of bread could last him years. So anyway he spots Freddy fighting for his life and decides to catch him.

Meanwhile Freddy was contemplating one of lifes big questions. If he stopped swimming would he die or just end up somewhere nice? All of a sudden this large metal thing dangled right next to him. Instinctively he lunged at it hoping for food. Instead he got pulled violently out of the water.

At that moment in time Hugo the Dragon was flying overhead. He saw that a fish was in trouble. He flew down and burnt the evil fisherman and saved Freddy from the sandwich of doom. Hugo made friends with Freddy and they both spent time flying around looking at stuff.

They saw a blimp.


Ok it wasn't quite as good as I made it out to be but the suspense about the blimps involvement had to make it at least a little exciting.